Introducing the ZRH VIP Program

The ZRH VIP Program is a paid monthly subscription service. Providing many benefits and options for cost savings.

ZRH VIP Benefits:

  • 10% off ALL product purchases 

  • $25.00 Birthday discount 

  • Free Brow Wax add on to any paid service. 

  • Exclusive VIP Promotional Opportunities offered monthly 

  • VIP Monthly Newsletter

  • SIGN UP BONUS: 400 Reward Points! Redeemable for 15% off your next purchase. 

Only $29.99/mo

The fine print:

The ZRH Monthly.PLANS are currently in an invite only phase to ensure quality and consistency.  Invites will be sent out in waves via email. Once you receive your invite email it will include an invoice to begin the automated payment process.  Please keep in mind that invites are limited and will expire 10 business days after being sent if not accepted.  

Terms and conditions can be viewed by clicking this link.